Good disappointment, perspective & the passion of Edinburgh

Dropping points in the closing stages of any game is always frustrating, but why are us Gills fans currently so annoyed?

Six weeks ago we would have jumped at the chance to take a point away at Yeovil, such was our plight.

Fast forward a month or so and suddenly a draw away from home to them is considered a bad thing.

But is that itself actually a bad thing?

Not at all.

A side that is now 8 games unbeaten feeling aggrieved not to have taken maximum reward from their trip to the West Country shows how far we have progressed since defeat to Crewe in early January.

There is a confidence amongst the squad that was missing for large parts of the season.

Whereas before we tended to stumble through games, now we are taking games by the scruff of the neck.

We feel we can win matches rather than hoping we do not lose them.

The confidence that was – ever so gradually – instilled into the players by the ‘Team of Four’ is now bearing fruit as we look to push on to the next level.

But what is the next level?

New gaffer Justin Edinburgh has come in and immediately said we have to be looking up rather than down.

Too bloody right.

Whether we actually make the end of season lottery that is the Play Offs is another matter, but there is nothing wrong with having a go.

He mentioned in the week that it was good to get a proper period on the training pitch with his players.

Generous in his praise, he also said we had to learn to perhaps not be so naïve without the ball.

Today’s late concession of a penalty may be what he is getting at.

However, from the depths of supposed injury time gloom, let’s take the positivity from his reaction.

His apparent slight over reaction at the end of play may not be classed in some quarters as the most professional, but what it shows is his passion and his wanting to do well.

So before we all lambast him, the players and particularly Gavin Hoyte – who has been first class since arriving at the club – perhaps step back and put today into context.

Being disappointed is no bad thing, because it shows how far we have come in a short space of time.

Because six weeks ago a 2-2 draw at Huish Park would probably have been treated with euphoria similar to that of when we drew with AFC Wimbledon by the same score line to clinch a certain League 2 title back in 2012.

We are on the up.


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