No Time to Panic

Well we all knew it would come to an end at some point didn’t we, but we just didn’t expect it to come to an end so tamely as that.

Come the final whistle of yesterday’s  1-0 defeat to Barnsley, and with it our unbeaten run, everyone’s mood matched the weather.

Gray, drab and underwhelmed. 

Both us as fans, plus Justin and his staff can all sit down and analyse the game and pick holes. 

And we probably already have, as have they. 

But now with the benefit of a nights sleep it may just be one of those days that gets written off and consigned to history.

Because in truth our opponents weren’t any better than us.

Sadly though every little fifty fifty bounced their way, every little bit of luck seemed to go their way. 

That’s life sadly. 

We can easily make Joe Martin a scapegoat for seemingly not having his shirt when he was signalled to the bench to replace the injured Bradley Garmston when the away side scored.

But that’s the easy way out, and isn’t why we lost.

We lost because everything we have done right for the last two months just wasn’t there.

The quick start, the high pressing, the hunting in packs, the incisive football.

None of it.

Marquis and his fellow attackers all struggled.

It’s been a long time since our attacking four of Jermaine McGlashan, Bradley Dack, Cody McDonald and John Marquis have all carried so little threat. 

Yet as bad as we were, we could still have nicked a point right at the death. 

Now isn’t time to hit the panic button and wholesale changes.

It’s a time to briefly reflect before picking ourselves up and going again on Tuesday at Swindon.

Let’s be honest, if someone had said on New Years Day that come 1st March we would be a point closer to the Play Offs than the drop zone we would have laughed.

So yesterday is gone. 

We get up, dust ourselves down and go again.


RainhamEndViews’ MOM Max Ehmer

GFC Player Ratings: Nelson 6, Hoyte 7 (Norris 5) Egan 7, Ehmer 7, Garmston 6 (Martin 6) Loft 6, Hessenthaler 6, McGlashan 5, Dack 6, Marquis 6, McDonald 6


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