A football match to remember a football man…

Regardless of your affinity to a particular club, at any level, football is a wonderfully powerful tool.

And when it comes to dealing with tragedy & loss, or raising money for charity, it has a wonderful knack of putting rivalries to one side and pulling together.

The football family making the beautiful game just that, beautiful.

And that is why today’s offering from RainhamEndViews is slightly different and isn’t solely Gills related.

Now I know that plenty of you will most probably be travelling to Scunthorpe on Saturday 25th April to cheer on the blue boys.

But whether you are or you are not, please keep reading…..

I was told of a charity game taking place at Sheppey Sports Club (also known as Stevedores) on the Isle of Sheppey (*full address details are at the bottom of this article*) on the very same day, and the story goes…..

The father (Richard Abott) of my cousin’s mate (James Abbott) sadly passed away 13 years ago, aged just 32, from a condition known as sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. 

Now I must admit, I had not heard of this condition or of the charity prior to the last 24 hours.

What I have done though,  is taken the time to have a look at their website and the work they do.

I sincerely ask you all to please do the same: sadsuk.org.uk

Anyway, back to the game, a game in honour of a man who loved the sport as much as me and you….

An encounter between two sides that were very close to Richard.

His old team the British Queen versus a mix of two teams he then coached locally, New Road and Sheerness Steel.

Kick off is 3pm, nice and easy for all the Saturday traditionalists.

There will be free parking available, a prize draw, a bar open all day, and a local band – Key Street – playing in the evening.

Entry is free to all, but James is obviously asking that everyone makes a donation to a cause that is very close to his heart.

If you are still reading at this point then I thank you wholeheartedly on behalf of myself and James, and it would be great to see some of you come along and support this game.

It is football after all, the game for the masses, the game that brings people together.

The beautiful game.

Sheppey Sports Club, Holm Place, Queenborough Road, Halfway, Isle of Sheppey, ME12 3DB.

As well as the game on the main pitch, there is a bar and play area to keep the adults and kids equally entertained.

** For further information check out the Facebook page ‘Richard Abbott Charity Football Game’.


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