Colchester visit frustrating? Yes. End of the world? No way! 

Well it was bound to end at some point wasn’t it? 

Very rarely do football teams go through entire campaigns without losing, especially at this level.


Glorious sunshine before kick off.

Yes the performance today wasn’t the best, and yes relinquishing the unbeaten run and top spot is frustrating, but we have to look at the bigger picture. 

If someone had offered us 17 points from the first 24 available – considering the teams we have had to face – at the start of the campaign we would have been ecstatic. 

Today was sadly one of them days when very little went for us.

From Cody hitting the post and missing a penalty to every little bounce and break going their way. 

Even in the second period things wouldn’t fall for us, from Luke Norris having a shot charged down at point blank range and everything else going straight at the keeper or the wrong side of the post. 

Shooting towards our own fans during the second period. 

Not to mention very little assistance from a referee who felt that a shirt pull from our players was worthy of the same yellow card punishment as their right back maiming  Bradley Dack at knee height. 

But it’s gone now, we cannot change the result regardless of how annoyed or frustrated we may feel. 

We now need to ensure that we react accordingly, pick ourselves up and go again next week at Barnsley.

A decent showing and result there and today will swiftly be forgotten. 

We are still well in the mix at the right end of the table, and if we can take something next weekend at Oakwell and then claim maximum points from two very winnable home games we will be in a very healthy position after eleven matches. 

Yes today was disappointing, but if Justin Edinburgh ensures that his players use that frustration to our advantage then we will be just fine. 

All teams suffer defeats, even the very best. 

We will bounce back.

GFC Ratings: Nelson 6, Jackson 6.5, Egan 6.5, Ehmer 6, Dickenson 5.5 (Garmston 5), Wright 6 (Hessenthaler 6), Loft 6, Houghton 5.5, Dack 6.5, McDonald 5.5 (Donnelly 6), Norris 6.5. 




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