Same Again Please England

There are less than 24 hours to go now until the ‘Battle of Britain‘, as the Three Lions clash with the Welsh Dragon in what could be a pivotal game in Group B.

So how do England approach this match after succumbing to a gut wrenching late leveller in their opener versus the Russians?

The Three Lions can use Saturday’s disappointment as self motivation.

For me they should go in with exactly the same system and exactly the same team as last Saturday.

Why would you want to make drastic changes after a performance that was very, very impressive for 91 minutes?

Yes we can all be critical and say that we should have seen the game out and we perhaps should have had the win wrapped up earlier considering all our possession and dominance.

These are both fair points, but we have to remember this is a very new and very young England squad, and on the flip side of the stuff that we perhaps got wrong late on, wasn’t it refreshing to see an England team go out in a tournament fixture and play without fear?

I would stick with the same starting XI.

I certainly thought so.

The football was quick and incisive, individuals wanted the ball, players were brave with it and hard working without it.

Yes we could and should have scored earlier, but I would personally be more concerned if we were not creating chances rather than not taking them.

If we had not conceded the goal in injury time, pundits and fans would have spent the last few days talking about the perfect international performance as opposed to who should be out and who should be in.

These are the fine lines at the very highest level.

Whatever the outcome was of today’s game between Slovakia and Russia – the Slovakians triumphed 2-1 – our boys would have still known that a win tomorrow over Chris Coleman’s men would have us sitting pretty at the top of the group, so what more of an incentive can we wish for?

Jamie Vardy should get game time versus the Welsh.

I agree with the fact that perhaps Jamie  Vardy should have been used from the bench against an ageing and tiring Russian backline, but I am sure Roy Hodgson and his staff will have learned from that and get him some minutes versus the Welsh.

But I wouldn’t be in any way tempted to start him in the game.

Why you may ask?

And I will say as I have already mentioned; simply because for 99% of our opener we were extremely impressive.

I firmly believe that a repeat of them performance levels and come 4pm tomorrow we will be in a great position to reach the knock out stages.



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