Chapecoense: The Football World Unites

The game of football always has, and always will be, a very emotional and very territorial sport.

Any fan of the game will know of the various derbies played out across the world, and how games can evoke a range of feelings and emotions.

If your side wins then you can go to work or to school with a spring in your step, safe in the knowledge that you hold the bragging rights over friends and colleagues.

Lose and you simply don’t want to venture out for fear of ridicule.

As with any sport though, there are always incidents or occasions that occur which render any rivalry meaningless.

Sadly yesterday morning was one such occasion.

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As I woke to the news that Brazilian side Chapecoense had been involved in a tragic air crash on route to Colombia, the footballing world was in the process of standing as one.

United in numbness, stricken by grief as it tried to take in what had happened.

A football club that was simply on route to contest its first major final had so tragically had its heart broken.

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Taking it all in from afar is difficult enough, looking at newspaper reports, Internet pictures and social media images.

What those more closely connected to the club, its staff and its players are going through is simply unimaginable.

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At best, fans have lost heroes.

At worst, wives have lost husbands, children have lost dads, parents have lost sons, and siblings have lost brothers.

Up until yesterday morning there will have been many fans of football who had never heard of Chapecoense.

Now, in the most harrowing of circumstances, people the world over know of them and their tragic story.

The vast amount of tributes in the ensuing hours shows just how powerful the game of football can be.

The sad irony however, is that the beautiful game only ever seems to be at its most beautiful in times of tragedy.

Forza Chapecoense.



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